Mobile Adventures - Our Flagship Adventure

A 25m cliff abseil combined with a 5km river rafting adventure

Highlights include the following:

  • A 25m sheer cliff abseil managed by a qualified abseiling guide including cool drinks and snacks.
  • A guided 5km river rafting adventure on nine fun-filled Grade 1 and 2 rapids including cool drinks at the halfway point.
  • A challenge-by-choice option to side-surf a standing wave (we call it "Riding the Bull").
  • A flat stretch of water where everyone can swim, splash each other and generally have unrestricted fun.
  • An optional challenge-by-choice jump from a 4m outcrop of rock into deep water.
  • We accept a minimum of two and a maximum of 14 people and no previous experience is necessary. 
Visit Abseiling Adventure on
Plot 237, Broederstroom
Mobile: 083 969 9083